Turbolinks 5 tutorial

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course provides a thorough introduction to Web Applications Development using the wildly popular Ruby on Rails framework. With almost 30 hours of engaging video lectures and text follow-up lectures with directions, references and all the code used in the videos , this course is designed to take students with no programming/web development experience to accomplished Ruby on Rails developers while being just as useful for students who have experience coding in Rails and want to take their skills to the next level or students who are making the the switch to Ruby on Rails from other frameworks.

Over the last few years, many thanks to and , the number of Single Page Applications (SPAs) are on the rise. The last few projects that I have built have been purely SPA and using Rails for these cases was an overkill. I tried dabbling with Sinatra and even pure Rack applications, but ended up writing too much boilerplatee. The routing was lacking compared to Rails and there were too many security vulnerabilities that I had to handle. I had to either write it on top of the community driven rails-api gems or live with traditional Rails.

A little more drastic, we’ve also pushed all the commercial database adapters into their own gems. So Rails now only ships with adapters for MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. These are the databases that we have easy and willing access to test on. But that doesn’t mean the commercial databases are left out in the cold. Rather, they’ve now been set free to have an independent release schedule from the main Rails distribution. And that’s probably a good thing as the commercial databases tend to require a lot more exceptions and hoop jumping on a regular basis to work well.

Turbolinks 5 tutorial

turbolinks 5 tutorial


turbolinks 5 tutorialturbolinks 5 tutorial