Steroids in sports pros and cons

Parents and coaches should take an active role in combating the problem of supplement use among adolescents. Fair play and sound nutritional practices should be stressed in youth sports over winning-at-all-costs. Coaches need to educate their players about the harmful side effects of supplements as well as their illegal nature and the unfair advantage that may be derived from using performance-enhancing supplements. Intervention programs using peers to communicate the message have shown promise. For these programs to work, coaches must provide proper nutritional and strength training, enforce a no supplement policy, and de-emphasize scare tactics (5). For an example of an intervention that has shown progress, check out the article “Fortifying students against steroid use” from the Physician and Sportsmedicine Online (5).

This is a great question that, unfortunately, cannot be answered in just a couple hundred words. There are important issues that focus on educating one's self prior to embarking on such a course of action, particularly the downsides of using steroids – the side effects, the proliferation of fake gear, getting off of them, getting blood work done, etc. And, the fact that buying, selling and transporting them is (in America) still a felony, not to mention banned by all sports federations. All very important salient issues that require a lot of space to do justice.

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Steroids in sports pros and cons

steroids in sports pros and cons


steroids in sports pros and conssteroids in sports pros and conssteroids in sports pros and conssteroids in sports pros and conssteroids in sports pros and cons