Steroid tapering guidelines

great boiler plate advice but what happens if your Physician is CW and suggest a USDA diet, that you should exercise more and eat less. This is done in over 98% of clinics in our country. I feel safe in saying this because it also represents what most people have heard from their doctors at most web forums. I really agree with you about snufjin Steve, but us MD's have been epic fails at helping anyone do anything correctly from an evolutionary medicine perspective. This why so many PHers do their own N-1 and leave CW alone. It is our job to help more in this area, and to carry a bigger load

      Steroid therapy for polymyalgia rheumatica should make the patient feel better within days rather than weeks.

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Steroid tapering guidelines

steroid tapering guidelines


steroid tapering guidelinessteroid tapering guidelinessteroid tapering guidelinessteroid tapering guidelinessteroid tapering guidelines