Red sox players suspended for steroids

Ruth's arrival in New York simultaneously launched the Yankee dynasty while ravaging the Red Sox. While the Red Sox's five World Series titles were a record at the time, 1918 would be the team's last championship for 86 years. Meanwhile, Ruth's home run-hitting prowess anchored the Yankee line-up, which became known as " Murderers' Row " in the late 1920s. The Yankees reached the World Series seven times during Ruth's New York years, winning four. This abrupt reversal of fortunes for the Red Sox marked the beginning of the supposed "Curse of the Bambino." [4] But it was not the Ruth deal alone that reversed the fortunes of both clubs. [43] Frazee also sold many other players to the Yankees. [44]

Of course I would love to see the Red Sox pick up “both” JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer.
If they did ther issues would be:
– The Luxury Tax.
– What they do with Hanley, and or JBJ.
My opinion is that they need a SP (Lynn) and a left handed RP (?) as well. Thought they would get McGee but he’s gone.
I also think they need Nunez.
Can they do all of this?
Yes, but It would be expensive.
Hosmer is a perfect fit.
I think they can get by with just Hosmer without JD Martinez, if they had to.
I don’t think they should get rid of JBJ.
I would just play Hanley for 2018 and either trade him or release him in 2019.
Worst case they can always pick up Hanley’s 2019 option.
But I think they could use Pedroia as the DH in 2019.
So that’s my 2 cents worth … LOL

In another time slot, Glenn Ordway hosts Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria from 10 am to 2 pm. A WEEI veteran who created and hosted the Big Show from 1996 until he was fired in 2013, Ordway was brought back two years ago. Following the Jones incident, Ordway tweeted at WBZ reporter Dan Roche, “So you’re saying 38,000 at Fenway are racists Dan ???#panderingfool.” Such behavior fits a pattern; Ordway’s co-host, Lou Merloni, tweeted during the Black Lives Matter highway blockade protest in 2015, “I have a 34-31 C271 in my trunk. I’m doing everything I can to control myself with these protesters causing traffic on 93. Ps. That’s a bat.”

Red sox players suspended for steroids

red sox players suspended for steroids


red sox players suspended for steroidsred sox players suspended for steroidsred sox players suspended for steroidsred sox players suspended for steroidsred sox players suspended for steroids