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Movie critic for the Chicago Tribune , Dave Kehr , criticized the movie, writing "In the dumb fun department, Leviathan is the movie of the moment-a lively, well-made schlock thriller that will doubtlessly be forgotten in two weeks." [13] Regarding the film's writing he wrote, "The script has been attributed to David Peoples and Jeb Stuart ( Die Hard ), but it plays more like a collection of random pages from Alien , The Thing , Outland and Run Silent, Run Deep ." Roger Ebert gave the film a thumbs up, while his colleague Gene Siskel gave it a thumbs down, calling it a ripoff of several films that have come before it. [13]

The Griffin family's daughter isn't smart or popular. She's about as average as a character voiced by Mila Kunis can get, and yet she's the constant recipient of jokes about her being ugly, fat, or so unattractive that men continually mistake her for a boy. How hilarious . While it appears that like all Family Guy running gags, the Meg bashing started as a parody of the ridiculous standards culture demands of young girls (I've sat through enough episodes of the tired sitcom with my family to know), 15 seasons in, it's clear that in its older age Family Guy is just a little too fond of taking whacks at the punching bag it's created.

Peter punches meg steroids

peter punches meg steroids


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