Oral turinabol skutki uboczne

( Contains also: nicotinamide , magnesium stearate , dicalcium phosphate , MCC)

The effects of oral T - Bol are often compared to Danabol . While in Danabol many athletes report certain estrogenic effects , Oral T - Bol is a purely anabolic product. The androgenic symptoms are very mild , but the absence of estrogenic symptoms causes a hard -edged look of the muscles in Danabol seems the muscles through the accumulation of water plump , rounded and slightly more powerful.

In aerobic sports Oral T - Bol is often taken with Winny 50 .

Bodybuilders combine this product with Testo Depot 250 , Susta Mix 250 or Tren 100.

Alternative to : Oral Turinabol

Dosage: 3 tab / day

Due to the half-life of 3-5 hours, a three-time administration throughout the day should be made .

content :

Oral T -bol , 100 tablets (15 mg / tab )

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Oral turinabol skutki uboczne

oral turinabol skutki uboczne