Oral turinabol opfer

An example of athletes using steroids illegally arises in the East German female swim team. Between 1964 and 1988 the German Democratic Republic (GDR) had an intensive training program that could start younger than age 13. Swimmers were given blue pills and other mixes of various drugs and pills. The athletes were told the pills were “supporting supplements” and the parents of athletes were told that their children were taking vitamins, because there was not enough fresh fruit in the GDR. Ute Krieger-Krause, a former swimmer for East Germany recalled that everyday they took a myriad of pills, and refusal to ingest them resulted in another round of swimming or 40 pushups. When East Germany collapsed, the young athletes quickly learned what those supporting substances were: anabolic steroids. The omnipresent blue pill, officially known as Oral Turinabol, was manufactured by the government-run drugmaker VEB Jenapharm. Among its well-known side effects among women were deeper voices, facial hair, small breasts, sterility. Among men: impotence and prostate-related illnesses. “Experience shows that young girls develop a masculine appearance and that it doesn’t fade away when one stops taking the substance,” says Kurt Franke, a leading sports physician doubling as a Stasi (security police) informant, in a report by Newsweek. The substances cause permanent damage as well. According to the Doping-Opfer-Hilfe association for doping victims, 90 percent of the athletes recognised as doping victims have serious health issues. One former weightlifter noted that, due to a daily regime of hospital visits to treat diabetes and other ailments, he can no longer leave his home even for a day. Krieger-Krause, forced to end her career prematurely due to severe depression and anorexia, also suffers from worn-out joints and a permanently damaged spine. The former swimmer is in her fifties. But few have suffered more shocking consequences than Andreas Krieger, Krieger-Krause’s now-husband. As Heidi

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Oral turinabol opfer

oral turinabol opfer


oral turinabol opferoral turinabol opferoral turinabol opferoral turinabol opferoral turinabol opfer