Oral turinabol british dragon

Like other oral steroids, Turinabol is 17-alpa alkylated, a trait that allows it to survive in the digestive system without getting destroyed and pass through the liver into the bloodstream. All 17-alkylated steroids cause toxicity in the liver as they aren’t easily broken down inside the liver. When it comes to Turinabol, liver toxicity may occur, especially when the drug is used for a long period of time or in higher doses. To avoid liver damage, it’s recommendable to limit the use of this steroid to about 6 weeks. In addition, the drug has been shown to affect the blood’s ability to clot. So it’s important to take caution when using Turinabol.

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Oral turinabol british dragon

oral turinabol british dragon


oral turinabol british dragonoral turinabol british dragonoral turinabol british dragonoral turinabol british dragonoral turinabol british dragon