New jersey steroid laws

The DOL published a notice in the Federal Register on Oct. 12, 2017, seeking comments on the proposed 90-day delay of the applicability date of the Final Rule. That comment period ended on October 27 and on November 24 the DOL announced its adoption of the delay.   Also on October 12 the DOL also asked for comments that “provide data and information germane to a re-examination of the merits of repealing, replacing, modifying, or retaining the rule.”   That comment period ends on Dec. 11, 2017.   Comments can be submitted by clicking on the “Comment Now!” button at this link .

Come on let’s face it, left lane drivers are the worst. The left lane is for passing. if you’re not passing or hauling ass get the hell out of the left lane. Its freaking ridiculous when anyone (out of state or not, though to be honest i rage especially hard when its an out of stater particularly New York, PA, Delaware, or…ugh… Maryland…) lines up perfectly in cadence with the right lane and blocks traffic. Also, flashing the high beams is not barbaric at all. honking like an asshole would be barbaric. instead we have a nice, proven system that allows drivers to be aware they are in the way and that gives them the opportunity to correct themselves. Would you rather i flash my high beams or ride you up the ass? seriously, if you come to Jersey, abide by our customs and courtesies.

New jersey steroid laws

new jersey steroid laws


new jersey steroid lawsnew jersey steroid lawsnew jersey steroid lawsnew jersey steroid laws