Missed anabolic window

It was once claimed in a magazine article that Palmie “punched and gouged his way from Paris to Toulouse” even when playing against mates. Wales hooker Bobby Windsor, hardly a shrinking violet himself, described the former Beziers and France second row as the hardest men he ever played against. “He would have to be No1,” said Windsor. “He’d boot anyone, any time. He’d give a quick look round to make sure the ref wasn’t looking and then, bang.” Palmie’s playing career ended in 1978 when he was banned for life for punching Armand Clerc, leaving the Racing Club player partially blinded in one eye. Went on to become an official in the French Rugby Federation!

Whey protein is the most studied supplement after Creatine. It has been proven that protein helps build muscle, with the ideal ingestion time being immediately post-workout, or in your “anabolic window.” The only protein that is able to be digested within 45 minutes is whey due to its purity and chemical properties. Whey usually comes in a few forms: Hydrolysate, Isolate and Concentrate. Isolate is more filtered, and is more quickly absorbed by the body than Concentrate. However, it is important to keep a balance of both, since your muscles have a constant demand for protein.

I’m pretty confident the scientific process has shown time and time again there is no validity to that theory or any notion that one cannot absorb carbohydrates and protein when ingested together. In fact, the body of scientific evidence shows that cumulatively the 2 nutrients appear to help raise insulin to higher levels when consumed together than when carbohydrates are consumed alone. If the carbs were not being absorbed we would expect to see a substantial decrease in insulin when protein is added according to your theory not an increase. Let me ask – according to your theory where do you hypothesize the carbohydrates go?

Missed anabolic window

missed anabolic window


missed anabolic windowmissed anabolic windowmissed anabolic windowmissed anabolic window