Medistar turinabol reviews

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Since Dianabol (often called D-bol by athletes) is a 17aa compound, side effects such as increased liver values (toxicity) are to be expected, although they generally return to normal quickly after the athlete stops taking the product. In addition, as previously noted, gyno, heavy water retention (and raised blood pressure as a result), and acne were all commonly reported side effects of D-bol use. Interestingly, some users note a sense of well being during use of this drug, which is quite pronounced. This is the exact opposite of Oximetholone, which is noted for an “unwell” feeling in users.

Medistar turinabol reviews

medistar turinabol reviews


medistar turinabol reviewsmedistar turinabol reviewsmedistar turinabol reviewsmedistar turinabol reviewsmedistar turinabol reviews