Lixus dbol side effects

Lixus Dianabol tabs stack well with a number of other Lixus Steroids, it is noted to mix very well with Lixus Testosterone enanthate and Lixus Deca 300.  Together you can expect exceptional muscle and strength gains with side effects not much worse than Lixus Dianabol on itпїЅs own.  The half life of Lixus Dianabol is 6 hours, a single daily dosage schedule will produce varying blood levels with ups and downs during the day.  In my opinion it is best to split the dose up during the day rather than take them all at one time.  Taking into account the half life it seems logical to take Lixus Dianabol earlier in the day several hours before your training for an androgen rich metabolism to heighten the uptake of nutrients, especially the critical hours following training.

Finished 100 X 10mg tabs in 20 days...Average 50mg per day. first two weeks had a major appetite increase. I stacked the dbol with Test 400 @ 1200mg per week. I gained closely 7-8 lbs. I wasn't drinking that much water or had a huge calorie surplus but was able to eat more. I never did feel any psychological effects or sense of well being from the Dbol..... This is day 26 and I am holding steady at 11(+) pounds. About the time I finished the dbol, My strength and size become really evident.. I should of bought two bottles and ran it for 4-6 weeks to get the full benefit. but 8 lbs is great since I average about 64 oz of water per day. Am I thrilled while I was taking dbol? I would say, not at this time. I rated MY EXPERIENCE with this product- "It's Good"......"2". 7/6/11 Gain a lot in my stomach, however my weight has not dropped since as of yet.

Lixus dbol side effects

lixus dbol side effects


lixus dbol side effectslixus dbol side effectslixus dbol side effectslixus dbol side effectslixus dbol side effects