East german krautrock

Krautrock was also highly influential on the late-'70s development of British new wave and post-punk , notably artists such as Cabaret Voltaire , The Fall , Gary Numan , Joy Division , Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark , Simple Minds and This Heat , and on Galloping Coroners ' shaman punk . Kraftwerk in particular had a lot of influence on American electronic dance music of the 1980s: electro , house , techno and especially goatrance . Ash Ra Tempel was strongly influential on the later development of 70s ambient as well as post-rock . [34]

OBSERVER – ‘ may also be one of the 10 best Krautrock albums ever released’   RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE  – ‘ mind-blowing in its invention and beauty – one of the releases of the year’   BBC RADIO THREE  –  ‘ extraordinary’    MO JO MAGAZINE –  ‘these space rock symphonies are exceptional’   SPIN MAGAZINE  –  ‘a goldmine of tightly-wound Krautrock and trippy electronic fantasias’   DANGEROUS MINDS  –  ‘it all pulses, drones, and bleeps like the Krautrockers that inspired Zeichnete, but feels even more like a transmission from a lost universe’

Martin thinks the first Neu! album is their best but this is my list so Neu! 75 it is. I could have picked Isi or Hero but today Seeland is my favourite. Just beautiful, beautiful music, one of my favourite records in any genre. The album has two distinct sounds with Rother and Dinger taking a side each as they moved further apart musically. Amazingly it works as their most cohesive album. They wouldn’t work together again for a decade. It’s the sound of a band splitting up beautifully. (Achtung! Avoid 80s NEU! like the plague.)

East german krautrock

east german krautrock


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