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Those father-and-son lawsuits by the Rossley family against Drake University are continuing to wend their way through federal district court. Tom Rossley , the father, sued the university after it kicked him off the board of trustees for, in effect, arguing too strenuously over the way the university treated his son in a sexual-assault investigation. The son, Thomas Rossley III — formerly known in court papers as John Doe — also sued, alleging discrimination and violation of his Constitutional right to due process, among other things.

Name - Priyanka Chavda, Laura Roe and Bart Bazaz Young people endure the brutality of the job market in dance short Name, by Priyanka Chavda, Laura Roe and Bart Bazaz. Laura Roe, is a freelance Assistant Director and contemporary dance teacher from the Midlands. Priyanka Chavda is a development producer, from Leicestershire. Passionate about storytelling, she aims to develop and produce films with a unique narrative at its centre. Bartholomew Bazaz is a Midlands based DOP, having worked his way up as a Camera Assistant, with experience Focus Pulling on music videos, commercials and narrative short films.

Take a Deep Breath portrays a younger generation that blames parents for the dire situation of contemporary Serbia. Here we have a middle-aged conservative judge who attempts to retain patriarchal control over his family. His wife has a secret affair with a younger man, while his daughter Sasha plans to leave the country with her boyfriend. When the boyfriend is hospitalized after a car accident, Sasha switches her affections to his sister, who has come from Paris to help out. This film, too, presents a soft-focus playful eroticism in the affair between the two women, but the father eventually has his way and uses his power to disrupt the girls' idyll. Disturbingly, the film not only ends with vignettes of three happy straight couples, leaving the fate of the lesbian affair open to speculation, but it also hints at the evil father's latent homosexuality, presumably caused by a childhood molestation in an orphanage. The film thus argues for tolerance of lesbian love, but reinstates homophobia in the form of pedophilia as a root cause of the father's psychological trauma that drives the plot.

East german films

east german films


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