Diprosalic steroid cream

Update! Went to ANOTHER derm today and FINALLY had a skin scrape done of my forehead, cheek and chin. He also pulled a few hairs off the top of my head. After examing everything under a microscope, he said that I had some sort of hair folicle condition that he has seen quite a few cases of and asked if I used artifical sweetners. I said “NO”. I am dead-set against anything artifical in my food. I never drink anything diet. He then asked me if I took vitamins and if so what did they look like? He said that certain dyes could trigger this as well. He also said one Altoid mint a month could cause this folicle reaction to occur. He has told me to avoid any and all artifcial sweetners, no vitamins for a month and put me on Nizoral (the pink stuff that is a stronger formula than over the counter blue stuff) and some sort of steriodal scalp foam. He did not take an eye lash sample, grrrr. He told me to use baby shampoo on my eyes and to possibly see an eye doctor for the itchy eyes. If I do not see any major improvement, I will insist that he do another skin scrape as I hear you sometimes need multiple ones for an accurate diagnosis (is this true?). Would a superficial skin scrape show any signs of a parasite condition, if I had one? Have you heard of this folicle condition?

Diprosalic steroid cream

diprosalic steroid cream


diprosalic steroid creamdiprosalic steroid creamdiprosalic steroid cream