Cell-tech steroids

i´m 23 years old meters tall man, i have lost inches in my waist in the last months now i´m 39 inches, i still have some work to do, and i already built some muscle (for example my arm is 15 inches), now reduce my waist is becoming a more slow process, i still see it but is more slow, my concern is about to add carnitine first time in the morning and before workout (usually at 11am), will carnitine make me loss my last 5-7 inches in my waist but at the same time make me lost some of the muscle i already built? or carnitine will give me energy for intense muscle and cardio workouts and lost my last 5-7 inches and to the same time get bigger muscles?. i hope you got a minute to give me your opinion and sorry if my redaction isn't good, i'm mexican and learning english, greetings!!!

Cell-tech steroids

cell-tech steroids


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