Bodybuilding secrets steroids

"Say you are doing a heavy barbell curl. You curl the weight up five or six times, and then find you are too tired to continue to do strict reps. At this point you begin to use you shoulders and back to help you in the lift slightly so that you can do another four or five reps. But you cheat just enough so you can continue the set, and your biceps continue to work as hard as they can. By cheating you have forced the biceps to do more work than they could have done without help from the other muscles, so you have to put more stress on them, not less."

Drink more calories. Chewing your food takes work and time. If you drink more of your calories, you can add weight more efficiently. Whenever you can, reach for the milk, coconut water, or that dextrose-infused, calorie-rich protein shake . Those big, nutritional shakes you make at home can become weight-gain powerhouses. Add extra calories any way you can. Use coconut milk, nut butters, high-quality protein powders—even a fistful of greens—to make that shake give you both lots of calories and lots of nutrients. Drink these shakes with every meal!

Bodybuilding secrets steroids

bodybuilding secrets steroids


bodybuilding secrets steroidsbodybuilding secrets steroidsbodybuilding secrets steroidsbodybuilding secrets steroidsbodybuilding secrets steroids