Bodybuilders died due to steroids

Praise God you are where you’ve arrived in your life, and for your ability to put this all down for others to witness. Yours is a victory through Christ. We make the choices and engage sexually in ways that are clearly taught being against God. In fact, it’s simply that those ways hurt us and expose us to emptiness, instead of towards His love.
“For, even in the barren, the unitive force in the sacramental love between man and woman is ever-present.” is amazingly profound in its central truth. May God continue to give you wisdom, and to bless and heal you.

Someone needs to do this, Ell. Otherwise, the HIT that you and I know — the real HIT — will be eventually lost forever. To pull it off, all of those splintered forces — such as Heavy Duty, Consolidated, Superslow, Slow Burn, Nautilus, Cybex, IART, HST, Cyberpump, NSCA, NCES, and others — need to be united into one , confident, powerful organization. I think there's a fighting chance, if these individuals are exposed to the truth about HIT. And that starts with a look back to the old school.

All anabolic steroid use not prescribed by a licensed physician, is more properly defined as “ steroid abuse ”.  The reason for this is simple, “ Steroids are very powerful hormones that can be extremely dangerous!”  They can cause a variety of health problems some of which can have lasting ramifications.  Although the twenty-three steroid related dangers listed below are not exhaustive, they certainly illustrate the risks and potentially harmful effects abusers face.

Bodybuilders died due to steroids

bodybuilders died due to steroids


bodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroidsbodybuilders died due to steroids