Biomed steroids canada

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The present mansuscript is a very exhaustive and comprehensive compilation well supported with evidence based updated information narrating the potential role and useful applications of several medicinal plant s and herbs in treating and combating important bacterial pathogens and various types of bacterial diseases. It systematically covers most of the salient beneficial antibacterial applications of traditional herbs and novel phytomedicines, from ancient periods to modern usages. A special focus has also been given to various important phytoconstituents present in various herbs, their biological activities and pharmacological principles, mechanism of actions along with useful antibacterial effects with classical examples. Due emphasis has been made regarding current scientific approaches and advancements along with future perspectives of herbal remedies with a vision to counter the emerging problem of antimicrobial resistance by exploring rich heritage of medicinal herbs found in nature. The review will certainly help in promoting and popularizing medicinal plant s and herbs as potent alternatives to conventional antimicrobials, particularly in the event of emerging MDR bacterial infections. It will be highly useful for researchers, biologists, pharamacists, medical and veterinary professionals, drug and pharmaceutical industries, animal sector (livestock and poultry industry), medicinal practioners and the common man too. Global usages of herbs as alternative and complementary medicines to various antimicrobials could also help obtain optimum production from animals apart from protecting health of both animals and humans. It can also take care of various public health concerns associated with food safety issues viz., antibiotic residual effects in animal products (milk, meat) and zoonotic threats which would altogether help in safeguarding health of humans and their companion animals in a holistic way.

The in vitro cell line model was predictive for non-small cell lung cancer under the disease-oriented approach, for breast and ovarian cancers under the compound-oriented approach, and for all four tumor types together. The mouse allograft model was not predictive. The human xenograft model was not predictive for breast or colon cancers, but was predictive for non-small cell lung and ovarian cancers when panels of xenografts were used. Voskoglou et al . Clinical Cancer Research Vol. 9, 4227-4239.

Biomed steroids canada

biomed steroids canada